AVIZA Technology, Inc.

VTR (Vertical Thermal Reactor)

VTR 7000/7000PLUS™ provides low cost of ownership, process flexibility and high throughput, while meeting multi-generation process requirements.

Production-proven Performance

* Over 1,000 systems sold to major IC, MEMS and discrete fabs worldwide

* Demonstrated high productivity and reliability

Multi-generation Capability

* Capable for 100-mm to 200-mm wafer processing

* Process extendibility from 1.0-0.18 micron (all processes) down to 0.65 micron (non critical films)

* Characterized process models for both Atmospheric (low temperature anneals, mid-temperature and high temperature Oxidation and Diffusion) and LPCVD process (nitride, TEOS, polysilicon, undoped and doped films)

* Optional SMIF compatible complying with SEMI specifications

Superior Process Results

* The heating element configurations available for process temperature from 400°C to 1150°C with superior uniformity and repeatability

* Optional MBTC (Model Based Temperature Control) provides accurate and repeatable wafer temperature control

Low Cost of Ownership

* Saving clean room space through a small footprint compared to other vertical furnaces

* High throughput
-Up to 150 product wafer load
-Unique Dual Boat configuration allows for optimum throughput (non-productive load and unload times become transparent to the cycle time, reducing overhead time)
-Optional 6, 12 or 16 cassette carousel module to allow pre-loading and low O2 environmental control
* Reduced MTTR and preventive maintenance (PM) times through its design for maintainability and serviceability
-Rear automated tube and element removal/replacement case
-Quick quartz tube change out (15 min. for a cooled furnace and <4 hours to complete change out for an operating furnace at 600°C and ramp back to 600°C)
-Internal dual-rail release track
-Convenient height for tube maintenance
-Procedure requires only one technician
* Low parts usage (both consumable and non-consumable)