AVIZA Technology, Inc.


Aviza’s Sigma® fxP™ is a single wafer cluster tool designed for high-volume Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processing. The cluster architecture of the Sigma® fxP™ sputter deposition system offers excellent process control with high throughput. Deposition process modules are based on a standard design that enables simple technology upgrades and wafer size conversion.

Process Modules

* Heat – Lamp driven wafer degas module

* Soft Etch – ICP sputter etch module for surface pre-treatment and via clean prior to metal deposition

* Standard PVD – conventional DC and pulsed DC sputter module for deposition of a wide range of materials

* Hi-Fill PVD – long throw deposition module with increased target to substrate spacing offering improved bottom coverage for high aspect ratio structures

* Advanced Hi-Fill PVD – ionized variant of the Hi-Fill chamber delivering outstanding bottom and sidewall coverage for the most challenging high aspect ratio structures at the lowest Cost of Ownership (CoO)

* C3M – MOCVD TiN based on TDEAT/NH3 chemistries to deliver virtually conformal liner coverage in deep structures at wafer temperatures 350°C

Applications include:

Back-end Silicon

* Interconnect

* Thick frontside metals for power applications

* Backside metals for power applications

Compound and Micro/Nanotech

* Compound metal applications

* Highly oriented Aluminum Nitride for bulk acoustic wave (BAW) devices