AVIZA Technology, Inc.

3D-IC System

Aviza's Versalis fxP system is a single wafer 200/300 mm cluster system that integrates multiple processes (including etch, PVD and CVD) together on one platform. Targeted for advanced R&D activities for 3D-IC devices, Versalis fxP offers a route for customers to develop their through silicon via (TSV) technology and easily migrate their processes to high-volume production. This "one-stop shop" solution enables customers to manage costs by investing in less CapEx for R&D, minimize installation costs and make efficient use of fab area.


The Versalis fxP is based on Aviza's production-proven single wafer platform. Its individual modules such as deep silicon etch, PVD and CVD have all been proven in high-volume manufacturing for various applications including wafer level packaging, MEMS and power semiconductors. Customers can benefit from Aviza's process expertise in these areas in order to meet their stringent process specifications. The Versalis fxP platform combines all of the critical processes needed to create a via ready for plating.

Key Features
  • 200/300 mm bridge system
  • Up to 6 process module, sequential or recursive processing
  • System can be configured with multiple dissimilar process chambers on a dedicated platform for development; or same process chambers on one platform for production
  • Multiplexed vacuum handling prevents cross-contamination
  • Endpointed chamber cleans for etch and DCVD modules
System Benefits
  • Reduced capital spending
  • Reduced install costs and footprint
  • Aviza responsible for all the critical processes in the TSV interconnect module. Faster problem solving, shorter time to market.
  • Ability to prove concepts before move to production
Process Modules - Integrated Processing Capabilities on a Single Platform
  • Oxide Etch, PVD Pre Treatment
  • Deep Silicon (DSi) Via Etch
  • APM Dielectric Isolation Sleeve
  • Breakthrough dielectric etch at via base
  • AHF Ionized PVD Barrier
  • AHF Ionized PVD Cu Seed
Open back-end oxide. 40 discrete dielectric layers Low temperature dielectric sleeve smooths scallops
Re-sputtering gives continuous coverage into undercuts and over heavy scallops
Fully plated HAR TSV, etched and seeded by Aviza