AVIZA Technology, Inc.


Aviza offers customers two etch platforms and six process module types to address a variety of applications. All process modules are based upon a standard design that allows migration between platforms as capacity demand increases.


* Omega i2L – an in-line production system for 50-mm to 200-mm wafers, supporting up to 2 process modules for ultimate flexibility and control

* Omega fxP – Recipient of European Semiconductor’s IC Industry 2005 award for wafer processing product of the year - an industry standard 8-sided cluster tool for 75-mm to 200-mm wafers, supporting up to 6 process modules for enhanced throughput, uptime and productivity

Process Modules – Aviza provides multiple applications on a single platform

* Magnetic zero resonant induction (M0RI) – a helicon plasma source for etching dielectrics, polysilicon and strongly bonded materials such as AlN

* Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) – a classical high density plasma source for etching Si trenches, Al alloys/barriers, polysilicon, organics and compound semiconductors

* Plasma Enhanced Reactive Ion Etch (PERIE) – producing a medium density plasma for general purpose dielectric etching at › 0.5 µm feature size

* Isopod – combines rapid wafer heating with a downstream plasma for post-etch corrosion/photoresist strip or isotropic oxide etching

* Deep Silicon Etch (DSi) – based on the ‘Bosch’ gas switching approach and applicable to a range of MEMS and Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) structures

Front-end Silicon

* Silicon trench etching and polysilicon etch-back

* Polysilicon gate etching

Back-end Silicon

* Metal etching (Al alloys and barriers)

* Dielectric etching

Compound and Micro/Nanotech

* AlN & electrodes for BAW filters

* Dielectric etching for III-Vs

* III-Vs device-side etching

* III-Vs back-side via etching

* Deep silicon etching

* Deep oxide etch and HAR oxide etch

* Etching organic films