AVIZA Technology, Inc.


Aviza offers two platforms for Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), a process chamber common to both platforms and a suite of process recipes targeting compound semiconductor, MEMS and advanced packaging applications.


Delta i2L

* A low cost, production-proven platform supporting wafers sizes up to 200mm and accommodating up to 2 process chambers. Twin vacuum cassettes serve as the front-end interface and there are options for integrated wafer cool and align.

Delta fxP

* Proven in high-volume production at wafer sizes up to 300mm, the fxP offers the ultimate in productivity and accepts up to 6 process chambers.

Process Chamber

Advanced Process Module (APM)

The Delta APM serves both i2L and fxP platforms, offering a seamless transition from low cost to high productivity platforms. The many advanced features of the APM include:

  • One chamber for all wafer sizes
  • Up to 10 gas lines
  • Dual frequency RF
  • Liquid delivery system
  • Variable electrode gap
  • Automated chamber clean end-point detection
  • Ceramic chamber liners for easy maintenance


  • Compound/Opto Semiconductor
    • MIMCAP SiN
    • Device passivation
    • Final passivation
  • MEMS
    • High deposition rate SiO/SiN
    • Tuned stress
    • 'Zero' stress SiN
    • Moisture barrier SiN
  • Advanced Packaging
    • Insulating liner for TSV
    • Hard mask
    • Cu diffusion barrier SiN