AVIZA Technology, Inc.


Celsior™fxP is Aviza’s advanced generation single wafer ALD system targeted for 300-mm production at the 90-nm node and below. Celsior fxP offers expanded revolutionary features to meet complex manufacturing requirements and the flexibility and short cycle times for R&D.


Celsior fxP is capable of supporting up to 5 process modules for enhanced throughput and productivity. The system is designed to be a 200-mm/300-mm bridge offering the flexibility to process 200mm and/or 300mm wafers on the same platform.

Production-proven performance

A key feature of Celsior fxP is its efficiently designed and innovative chamber, which offers increased throughput resulting in lower cost of ownership (CoO). Other unique features include:

* Small reaction chamber utilizing computer modeled gas flow dynamics to reduce the reaction volume and remove extraneous spaces—reducing the areas available for defect formation resulting in higher die yields

* Patented showerhead design allows rapid, uniform gas delivery that is capable of meeting less than 1 percent thickness uniformity requirements across a 300-mm wafer

* Reliable, field proven central transfer hub, which includes robust control system—translating into higher system uptime and availability

* Extendibility and Flexibility by allowing near seamless process chamber additions for adding future capacity or new material and process technology

Superior process results targeting 90 nm and below:
  • Advanced DRAM Capacitor Dielectrics Al2O3/HfSiOx

  • High-k Gate Dielectrics HfO2/HfSiOx/HfTiOx

  • Flash Memory Dielectrics Al2O3/HfSiOx

  • Low Temperature SiO2

  • Low Temperature TiN

  • Ruthenium