AVIZA Technology, Inc.

AVP/RVP 200™

The AVP/RVP 200™ vertical batch furnace delivers production-proven performance, superior process results and optimized throughput providing the lowest cost of ownership (CoO) for diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD applications.

Production-proven performance

* Greater than 600 systems in production at major IC and MEMS manufacturers worldwide

* Aviza’s third generation furnace leveraging the design expertise of approximately 2,500 production systems and 40 years of thermal technology experience

Superior Process Results for 150-mm and 200-mm Wafers

* Reduced defectivity through improved temperature control delivered by the proprietary plenum design

* Superior uniformity through Aviza’s industry-leading Advanced Temperature Control (ATC)

* Reduced thermal budget and optimized work-in-process (WIP) with fast temperature ramping

* Process flexibility through a wide array of films for LPCVD and in-situ doped applications

* Process temperatures from 250°C to 1250°C

Low cost of ownership

* Highest throughput delivered through a continuous mode operation that optimizes WIP, and use of the dual boat/single tube design and in-situ cleaning capability

* Low consumable usage

Ideal for 150-mm/200-mm Bridge Manufacturing

* Dual Boat configuration allows automatic switch between 150-mm and 200-mm production with no downtime