AVIZA Technology, Inc.

Investor FAQs

When did Aviza Technology, Inc. become a public company?
What was the initial public market price of Aviza's common stock?
How many shares of Aviza common stock were issued in connection with Aviza's merger transaction with Trikon?
Who were the underwriters for Aviza's initial public offering?
When and where was Aviza incorporated?
Where is the company located?
What products does Aviza sell?
How many employees does Aviza have?
What is Aviza's fiscal year?
Who is Aviza's outside legal counsel?
Who are Aviza's independent accountants?
How can I buy or sell Aviza stock?
Has Aviza split its stock?
Does Aviza have a direct purchase plan?
Does Aviza issue dividends or have a dividend reinvestment program?
How can I get a copy of Aviza's latest Annual Report or Quarterly Report?
When is the Aviza shareholder meeting and who can attend?
How can I obtain additional investor information about Aviza?
I have questions regarding my stock certificates. Who should I contact?
How do I change my address, name or ownership on my Aviza stock certificate?
How do I contact Aviza?